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Thematic Threads – Defining Genre through the Human Question

  • Crossroads Church 2425 West Parker Road Carrollton, TX, 75010 United States (map)

Have you ever pulled apart a shoelace? The end of a piece of thread? Ever seen the fraying ends of rope, or the core of a metal cord?

To refer to fabric as ‘thread,’ it must be a filament which is spun with other lengths of filament to strengthen it. By wrapping six strands of filament around a central strand, it strengthens the material and gives it more stability.

This concept is the same within a story, the fundamentals that make up a story which wrap the core filament to create catharsis—the emotional release—from the experience of characters and a character arc on-screen. 

There are hundreds of themes, or human questions, an audience member can be left with, across multiple forms and styles based on the subject matter.

In this workshop, we will review the central messages of film, how we can pick out and identify those threads in our own work and the work of others, and then use them to define our genre.

This is a monthly sponsored workshop with Dallas Screenwriting Crew, the screenwriting arm of Dallas Film Alliance.

The workshop will be followed by a table read and critique session.

To be approved for the table read, please submit your work through this submission form:

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