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"Preparing for A Documentary Interview" With Sergio Almendariz

Guest Speaker - Sergio Almendariz

Sergio Almendariz has always wanted to be a filmmaker, going as far back as he can remember. He has worked on several documentary short films, narrative shorts, and corporate/promotional videos. This passion for film and its production has driven Sergio his whole life and because of this he has accomplished many personal goals: obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts and getting accepted into the Masters of Fine Arts Program at the University of North Texas. Currently, he is working on that Masters degree with plans to continue on with a career in academia. 

This Workshop will include
- pre-production aspect of the interview (questions and planning on how to shoot it) and then the production aspect (setting up for interview and how to keep your interviewee comfortable throughout the process). 
- Writing your questions
- The look of your interview
- Setting up your interview (camera placement, audio, lighting, etc)
- The interview (how to act in an interview, keeping the interviewee comfortable, going off script with questions, etc.)